Who Is Adam22 Wife? Know About Lena The Plug

Who Is Adam22 Wife? Know About Lena The Plug

Who Is Adam22 Wife? Adam Grandmaison, more commonly known as Adam22, is a well-known figure in the world of YouTube and social media. However, many may need to learn about his wife, Lena Nersesian, also known as Lena The Plug.

Lena is a famous American YouTube personality, model, and vlogger who rose to fame with bold and unconventional content. In this blog post, we will delve into the life and career of Adam22’s wife, Lena The Plug, and learn more about her background, age, controversies, and relationship with Adam.

Adam22 wife Biography/wiki

Full NameLena Nersesian 
Nickname Lena The Plug 
Date of Birth1 June 1991
Age33 years old (as of 2024) 
Birth PlaceGlendale, California, USA 
Religion Christianity 
ProfessionYouTuber, model, adult content creator/film star, influencer 
EducationPsychology degree and postgraduate studies 
Marital StatusMarried
Husband NameAdam Grandmaison, Known As Adam22
ChildrenDaughter Parker Ann 

Who Is Adam22 Wife?

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – JANUARY 07: Adam22 (L) and Lena the Plug attend the 2023 Adult Video News Awards at Resorts World Las Vegas on January 07, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

Adam22’s wife, Lena Nersesian, also known as Lena The Plug, stands out. Born on June 1, 1991, she embraced a less traditional path. Her background contrasts starkly with her vibrant online presence. Together with Adam, she has navigated the digital world. Their partnership extends beyond personal life.

They co-created the Lena & Adam channel, showcasing their bond. Lena’s journey reflects a blend of controversy and openness. She has forged her own identity online, much to the curiosity of many. Her approach to life and career offers a peek into a unique narrative, intertwining with Adam22’s.

Adam22 wife’s Education

Lena Nersesian pursued higher education with dedication. Adam22 Wife finished high school in 2009, boasting a notable 3.69 GPA. Her passion for psychology led her to the University of California, Santa Cruz. Here, Adam22 Wife completed her degree in 2013. But Lena didn’t stop there.

She aimed higher and went abroad for further studies. Lund University in Sweden was her choice for postgraduate studies. Adam22 Wife spent a year there, deepening her knowledge of psychology. This educational journey equipped Lena with a solid academic foundation.

It certainly contributed to her diverse career path and personal growth. Her commitment to education is truly inspiring, showcasing her depth beyond her online persona.

Adam22 wife’s Family

Lena The Plug comes from a background marked by a conservative upbringing, a contrast that highlights her decision to carve out a niche for herself in the more liberal, open-ended realms of the internet. Despite not delving into the specifics of her family, including her parents or siblings, her choice to pursue an online career sets her apart from traditional expectations.

Her personal life took a significant turn when Adam22 Wife intertwined with Adam Grandmaison, known online as Adam22. Their relationship blossomed beyond mere companionship, leading to the creation of a family. Together, they welcomed Parker Ann Nersesian Grandmaison, symbolizing their love and partnership—the couple’s journey from boyfriend and girlfriend to husband and wife, alongside their venture into parenthood.

How Lena The Plug Became Adam22 wife?

Lena and Adam first connected in a way that many found unconventional. They shared their lives openly, choosing an open relationship. This choice sparked much interest. They often discussed their setup online, bringing them closer to fans. Adam, known for his hip-hop and cycling content, matched Lena’s boldness. Together, they navigated their unique bond.

Their journey from dating to marriage fascinated many. It showcased a different take on love and partnership. Now, as husband and wife, they continue to share their adventures. Their story proves that unconventional paths can lead to fulfilling relationships. They always remain a captivating duo in the digital world.

Adam22 wife’s Body Measurements & Physical Appearances

Height5 feet 1 inch
weight60 KG
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorDark Brown


Lena The Plug, embraces a unique heritage. Her cultural background adds depth to her vibrant online persona. It’s this mix that makes her stand out. She hails from Glendale, California, but her roots go deeper. They trace back to a rich, diverse ancestry. This blend influences her views and content. It enriches her connection with a broad audience.

Lena’s ethnicity reflects a world of tradition and modernity. She skillfully bridges gaps between the two. Her heritage plays a crucial role in her identity. It shapes her approach to life and work. Thus, Lena stands as a beacon of diversity in the digital realm.


Lena has a unique take on fitness and pranks. Her content goes beyond usual boundaries. Surprisingly, she holds a high GPA. Her academic prowess is notable. Fitness and psychology blend in her vlogs. This mix intrigues her viewers. Lena and Adam’s channel showcases their love vividly. Their relationship adds a personal touch to their work.

Lena’s journey from psychology to YouTube is fascinating. It highlights her diverse skills. She defies typical career paths boldly. Lena’s cultural background enriches her content. This diversity attracts a broad audience. Her approach to life and work inspires many. Lena’s story is a testament to following one’s passion.

Adam22 Wife Before Fame

Before fame, Lena embarked on a bold path. She launched her YouTube channel in 2016. This move marked a departure from her traditional upbringing. Early on, she aimed for a more open-minded life. She pursued this despite her conservative family background. It was a leap towards a liberal online career.

Her videos quickly captivated an audience. They ranged from fitness tips to personal vlogs. Lena’s content was fresh, daring, and unapologetically authentic. This approach set her apart in the digital space. Her early steps on YouTube laid the groundwork. They foreshadowed her rise as a notable internet personality. This journey was just the beginning.

Adam22 wife’s Career

Lena The Plug, launched her digital career in 2016. Her YouTube channel quickly took off, featuring a mix of fitness, lifestyle, and personal content. She chose a path filled with boldness and authenticity. This choice attracted a massive online following. Her videos, ranging from workouts to candid vlogs, captivated many.

Lena’s career isn’t just limited to YouTube, though. She has expanded her presence across social media platforms. Each step forward in her career showcases her unique blend of content. She continues to inspire with her openness and innovative approach. Lena has indeed made a significant mark in the digital world.

Adam22 wife’s Net Worth 

Lena The Plug, known for her dynamic online presence, boasts a notable net worth. Estimates place her financial standing between $1 million and $3 million in 2024. This substantial figure stems from her varied online ventures. Not only does she captivate with her YouTube content, but her social media platforms also contribute significantly. Her collaboration with Adam22 further amplifies their combined earnings.

Additionally, their shared channel, Lena & Adam, is crucial to this financial success. Together, they’ve created a brand that resonates with millions. Indeed, Lena’s net worth is a testament to her hard work and savvy online entrepreneurship. It highlights her journey from a controversial figure to a successful digital influencer.

Favorite Things About Adam22 Wife

  • Boldness & Authenticity:

Lena’s courage to share her unfiltered life and stand by her choices is genuinely inspiring. Her content reflects her genuine self, making her relatable to many.

  • Educational Pursuits:

Despite her unconventional career path, Lena’s commitment to education, highlighted by her psychology background, adds a unique depth to her character and content.

  • Fitness Passion:

Her dedication to fitness, especially gluteal workouts, showcases her discipline and encourages others to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

  • Innovative Content:

Lena continuously finds new ways to engage her audience, from fitness tutorials to candid vlogs, keeping her digital presence fresh and exciting.

  • Family Values:

Despite controversies, Lena’s devotion to her family shines through. Her journey into motherhood and her dynamic with Adam22 offer glimpses into her softer side.

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit:

Lena’s ability to monetize her online presence effectively, elevating her net worth impressively, demonstrates her savvy understanding of the digital world and entrepreneurship.

Fun Facts About adam22 wife

  • Scholar and Adventurer:

Lena isn’t just a YouTube star; she’s also quite the scholar. With a degree in Psychology, she brings a unique academic perspective to her online endeavors.

Who Is Adam22 Wife? Know About Lena The Plug
  • International Student Life:

During her postgraduate studies, Lena lived in Sweden. This experience not only enriched her education but also broadened her cultural perspectives.

  • Early YouTube Days:

Lena launched her YouTube career with boldness, diving into a platform that was saturated yet still found her unique voice. This courage has been a staple in her journey, from fitness vlogs to family life.

  • Fitness Enthusiast:

Beyond her vlogs and lifestyle content, Lena is passionate about fitness. Her dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not just for show; it’s a significant part of her daily life.

  • Family First:

Despite her controversial path to fame, Lena’s role as a mother showcases a different side of her personality.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adam22 Wife.

Are Adam and Lena still together?

Yes, Adam and Lena are indeed still together. Their journey from daring online personalities to a committed couple has fascinated many.

Does Lena the Plug have a child?

Yes, Lena proudly embraced motherhood. She and Adam have a daughter, Parker Ann Nersesian Grandmaison. Their transition into parenthood has added a new, tender dimension to their public personas, warmly welcomed by their fans.

Who did Lena do a scene with?

Lena has collaborated with various online personalities. Her bold and open-minded approach to content creation often leads her to work with others who share her fearless spirit, though specific names are part of her private career decisions.

How did Adam22 get famous?

Adam22 rose to fame through his deep involvement in the music and BMX biking communities. His unique content blends hip-hop culture with his interests.

Conclusion About Adam22 wife

In wrapping up, it’s clear Lena The Plug, Adam22’s wife, has crafted a notable path for herself. From her education to her bold online presence, Lena is a testament to following one’s passion. Her journey defies conventional norms, blending family life with a distinctive online career.

Alongside Adam22, Lena has gracefully navigated fame, controversy, and motherhood. Their shared story adds depth to the digital landscape, proving love and career coexist harmoniously. Lena’s blend of authenticity, education, and entrepreneurship inspires many. Her story encourages embracing individuality in the pursuit of happiness and success.

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