Who is Bea Alonzo Boyfriend? know Dominic Roque Full Biography 2024

Who is Bea Alonzo Boyfriend? know Dominic Roque Full Biography 2024

Have you heard of Bea Alonzo Boyfriend? Dominic Roque is a super cool Filipino actor and model! He’s been in some awesome movies like Aryana and May Isang Pangarap. Dominic Roque is from Cavite, Philippines, born on July 20, 1990.

He’s not only talented but also super handsome, and he has won the hearts of many fans. He started his acting career at a young age and has become a well-known name in the entertainment industry.

He has captured audiences ‘ attention worldwide with his charming smile and great acting skills. But don’t just take my word for it; check out his amazing work for yourself. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!”

Bea Alonzo Boyfriend Biography/wiki

Age33 years
Birth DateJuly 20, 1990
Zodiac SignCancer
Place of BirthPhilippines
OccupationActor, model
Height5 ft 9 in / 175 cm
Weight154 lb / 70 kg
Hair ColorDark brown
Eye ColorDark brown
Race / ethnicityAsian

Who is Bea Alonzo Boyfriend?

Bea Alonzo Ex Boyfriends is none other than Dominic Roque. Yes, you heard it right! Dominic, born on July 20, 1990, is quite the star. He’s from Cavite, Philippines. That makes him 33 years old now.

Dominic has this amazing charm that everyone loves. Plus, he’s Filipino, which is super neat. He’s been in the entertainment world for a while. Dominic is not just a great actor but also a model.

People admire his work. And now, he’s known for something else too. Being Bea Alonzo’s boyfriend! They make such a cute couple. Everyone is talking about them. Dominic has a lot going on, and it’s all super exciting.

Who is Bea Alonzo Boyfriend? know Dominic Roque Full Biography 2024

Bea Alonzo Boyfriend Education

Dominic Roque grew up in a family that loves learning. His dad, a big boss in business, taught him to work hard. And guess what? He did just that! Also, his aunt, a famous actress, showed him the ropes of acting. So, he was surrounded by smart and talented people.

This surely helped him in school and beyond. Dominic’s family believed in him a lot. They knew he could do anything he set his mind to. This belief made him strive for greatness in his studies. Plus, being around such successful family members pushed him to aim high.

Dominic took their lessons to heart, using them as a guide. His education wasn’t just about books. It was also about learning from the people he looked up to. This unique mix of school and life lessons shaped him into the star he is today.

Bea Alonzo Boyfriend Family

Dominic Roque comes from a loving family. His dad is a big shot in business. That’s pretty cool. He lives in Cavite, Philippines. It’s a beautiful place. Dominic’s family has always supported him. They cheer him on in everything.

His aunt, Beth Tamayo, is an actress. She’s super talented. Dominic learned a lot from her. She showed him the acting world. That’s like having a teacher at home! Dominic’s family believes in chasing dreams.

They say, “Go for it!” And Dominic did just that. Bea Alonzo Boyfriend family’s encouragement made him brave. He knew they had his back. This gave him the push to succeed. Dominic’s family sounds awesome. They’re like a team.

Together, they celebrate his achievements. It’s all about love and support in Dominic’s family. They’re close. That’s super important.

Who is Bea Alonzo Boyfriend? know Dominic Roque Full Biography 2024

Bea Alonzo Boyfriend

Guess who’s been making waves in the entertainment scene? It’s Bea Alonzo Boyfriend! With his amazing talent and super good looks, he’s not just any actor. Dominic has also modeled, which adds to his cool factor. Plus, he’s built a pretty impressive net worth.

And now, being Bea Alonzo’s boyfriend adds to his fame. It’s like he’s got everything going for him. Talent looks and a beautiful relationship. Dominic will live the dream, and everyone is here for it. It’s just so exciting to see what he’ll do next!

Bea Alonzo Boyfriend Body Measurements & Physical Appearances

Age33 years
Birth DateJuly 20, 1990
Zodiac SignCancer
Place of BirthPhilippines
OccupationActor, model
Height5 ft 9 in / 175 cm
Weight154 lb / 70 kg
Hair ColorDark brown
Who is Bea Alonzo Boyfriend? know Dominic Roque Full Biography 2024

More information About Bea Alonzo Dominic Roque

Did you know that Dominic Roque’s roots are super interesting? Yes, they are! He is Filipino, which is pretty cool. Being Filipino means he’s from the Philippines. That’s a beautiful country with lots of islands. It’s in Southeast Asia.

The Philippines has awesome beaches and yummy food. Filipinos are known for being friendly and having big smiles. Dominic’s ethnicity is part of what makes him special. It shapes who he is. His Filipino heritage is something to be proud of.

It brings a unique touch to his acting. And guess what? It also means he might enjoy adobo and sinigang. Those are delicious Filipino dishes! So, Dominic’s ethnicity is like a badge of honor. It’s a big part of his story. And it’s super fascinating.


Here’s a fun fact about Bea Alonzo Boyfriend that you might have yet to learn. He went to college for tourism. Yep, you heard it right! Dominic studied at the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde in Manila. That’s a cool school. Imagine learning all about cool places and how to show them off to visitors.

That’s what Dominic did. He cared about his education. And now, he’s not just an actor and model. He also knows a bunch about tourism. So, if he weren’t in the spotlight, he could show people around beautiful spots.

That’s a neat thought. Also, think about all the places he learned about. He could be a tour guide in his movie! Learning about tourism sure added something special to his skills.

Not just anyone has that in their back pocket. Dominic’s choice of study is just as unique as he is.

Before Fame

Bea Alonzo Boyfriend didn’t just wake up famous one day. Nope, he worked super hard for it. Before the spotlight hit, he started as a model. It was two whole years of striking poses and looking cool. He worked with the Cosmopolitan talent agency.

That’s a big deal in the modeling world. Then, something awesome happened. Dominic’s life took a turn. He got a chance to act in a soap opera. The show was called Habang May Buhay. Imagine going from photo shoots to TV sets.

That’s a big leap! But Dominic did it. He showed everyone he wasn’t just about good looks. He had acting chops too. This was his big break. And boy, did he grab it with both hands. It’s like his career hit fast-forward.

From modeling clothes to bringing characters to life, Dominic made his mark. And that, my friends, was just the beginning of his journey to fame.

Who is Bea Alonzo Boyfriend? know Dominic Roque Full Biography 2024

Bea Alonzo Boyfriend Career

Dominic Roque is a star in Philippine shows. He acts and models, too. In movies, he’s cool and makes us feel things. His roles are different each time. This shows how good he is. He has been in soap operas and films. Each role he plays is special.

Dominic makes sure we remember his characters. He’s not just Bea Alonzo’s boyfriend. He’s a talent all on his own. People watch shows because he’s in them. That’s a big deal. His hard work has paid off big time. Everyone in the Philippines knows him.

And now, people everywhere are starting to notice. Dominic Roque is a name you’ll hear a lot. He’s making waves in the entertainment world. And he’s just getting started. Keep an eye on him. He’s going places, for sure.

Impressive Talent and Recognition

Dominic Roque is truly amazing in the world of acting. Standing tall at 1.75 meters, he knows how to shine. His roles in “Aryana” and “May Isang Pangarap” show his skills. People all over the Philippines love watching him. He’s not just another actor, you know.

Dominic brings something special to each role. This has made him very popular and respected. Also, he’s been praised for his hard work. And let me tell you, that’s not easy to get. His talent makes everyone sit up and take notice.

He stands out, not just because he’s tall. But because he’s super good at what he does. Watching him act is like seeing magic happen. It’s no wonder he’s received so much recognition. Dominic Roque is a name you’ll remember. He’s got that star quality that’s hard to miss.

Who is Bea Alonzo Boyfriend? know Dominic Roque Full Biography 2024

Affiliation with Star Magic Talents

Guess what? Dominic Roque is part of Star Magic. It’s like the coolest club for stars in the Philippines. They help actors and singers shine even brighter. Being with Star Magic is a big deal. This means that Dominic is dedicated to his acting.

He gets to learn new things and polish his craft. Plus, he meets other talented people, too. They all work together to make awesome shows and movies. Star Magic talents are known for being super good. And now, Dominic is one of them.

That’s pretty impressive. It shows he’s serious about being the best actor he can be. With Star Magic, Dominic’s star is sure to rise even higher. Everyone is excited to see what he does next. And we’re all cheering for him. Go, Dominic!

Continued Success and Impact

Dominic Roque keeps shining bright, no matter what. Life throws challenges his way. But he stands strong and keeps moving forward. His acting is still top-notch. Everyone loves watching him on screen. He’s a big deal in the Philippine entertainment world.

His hard work pays off, showing his dedication. Fans adore him more and more each day. Dominic doesn’t let anything stop him. He keeps impressing us with his talent. His impact grows bigger all the time.

People look up to him. He’s a true inspiration. Dominic shows us how to face challenges head-on. His journey is far from over. We can’t wait to see what he does next. Go, Dominic, keep wowing us!

Who is Bea Alonzo Boyfriend? know Dominic Roque Full Biography 2024

Bea Alonzo Boyfriend Net Worth

Guess what, everyone? Dominic Roque is more than just super talented. He’s also doing well for himself. Did you know his net worth is about 1.5 million USD? Yep, that’s a lot of money! He made this from acting and modeling.

Isn’t that awesome? Dominic worked super hard, and it totally paid off. Think about all the cool things you could do with that much money. But Dominic seems like the kind of guy who’s smart about it. With every movie and photoshoot, he adds more to his piggy bank.

So, not only is he Bea Alonzo’s charming boyfriend, but he’s also like a treasure hunter. His treasure is the money he earns from being amazing on screen. It’s pretty cool how his hard work turns into gold. Keep it up, Dominic!

Bea Alonzo Boyfriend Favorite Things

Movies Galore

Dominic loves watching movies a lot. It’s like his favorite hobby. He enjoys different kinds of play, especially action and romance. So cool, right?

Food Adventure

Guess what? He adores Filipino dishes. Adobo and Sinigang are at the top of his list. Yummy foods are his weakness. Just like many of us!

Travel Bug

Dominic is super into traveling. He finds exploring new places exciting. Remember, he studied tourism in college. This makes a lot of sense now!

Speed Thrills

Fast cars catch his eye. He thinks they’re awesome. Zooming around in a speedy car is thrilling for him.

Gadget Geek

Tech gadgets are his thing. He loves keeping up with the latest tech. It’s like a hobby for him. Gadgets make him super happy.

Fun Facts About Alonzo Boyfriend

  • It’s like his superpower.
  • Also, Dominic is a big-time foodie.
  • He enjoys trying out new foods whenever he can.
  • It’s like a yummy adventure for him! Inadditition he has this adorable pet dog he treats like a best buddy.
  • They’re inseparable.
  • And here’s something neat – Dominic is quite the night owl. Staying up late is his thing.
  • He says it’s when he feels most creative.
  • Lastly, Dominic has a secret talent for singing.
  • He’s not just about acting and modeling.
  • So, there you have it.
  • Here are some fun, chunky facts about Dominic Roque.
  • He’s not just Bea Alonzo’s boyfriend; he’s a dude with some pretty cool hobbies and talents!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dominic Roque the brother of Beth Tamayo? 

Dominic Roque isn’t Beth Tamayo’s brother, but she’s actually his aunt! He learned a lot from her since she’s a famous actress.

How old is Dominic Roque now? 

Dominic Roque was born on July 20, 1990, making him 33 years old. He’s been doing amazing things for quite a while!

What happened to Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque? 

Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque are still going strong! They’re a power couple, being super cute together and making everyone go “aww” over their photos.

Who is the brother of Dominic Roque? 

Dominic Roque’s family details, like whether he has a brother or not, are only sometimes known. He keeps some parts of his life private, which is understandable!

Final Verdict

We have learned a lot today. Dominic Roque is super cool. He’s not just a talented actor and model. He’s also Bea Alonzo’s awesome boyfriend. Plus, he has a heart of gold and loves his family. And guess what? He’s pretty smart, too, with a big interest in tourism. That’s super cool.

Also, he enjoys movies, yummy food, traveling, and fast cars. Remember, he’s a gadget geek and loves motorbikes. Dominic’s life sounds like a fun adventure. Plus, he works really hard and has made a name for himself.

So, let’s keep cheering for Dominic. We can’t wait to see what he does next. It’s going to be exciting, for sure. Go, Dominic! Keep being amazing and inspiring us all.

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