How old is Kenzie Reeves? Exploring The Facts About Her 2024

How old is Kenzie Reeves? Career, Family, Net worth, Height, Bio/Wiki 2024

Have you ever wondered how old is Kenzie Reeves? Let me tell you about this stunning actress, model, and social media celebrity! She was born in 1997; as of 2024, she’s 25 years old.

Kenzie Reeves started her career in the adult film industry in 2015 and has gained fame and fortune through her successful career. With her American nationality and Christian beliefs, she has captured the hearts of many.

Standing 4 feet 10 inches tall and weighing 41 kg, she may be small, but she’s making a significant impact. Reports suggest that her net worth is over 1.5 million USD, proving her success in the industry. Now you know all about Kenzie Reeves, keep an eye out for her future projects!

Kenzie Reeves Biography/wiki

Kenzie Reeves Personal Details
Real NameMadison Jordan Desautels
Nick NameKenzie, Ava Cumz
Spouse / BoyfriendUnknown
Date of BirthJuly 7, 1997
Birth PlaceNew Hampshire, United States
Age27 Years Old
Zodiac SignCancer
Marital StatusUnmarried
Height1.47 m
Weight41 kg
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorLight Blonde

Who is Kenzie Reeves?

How old is Kenzie Reeves? Age, Career, Family, Net worth, Height, Bio/Wiki 2024

Did you know that Kenzie Reeves is not her real name? It’s Madison Jordan Desautels. Pretty cool. She’s a super famous star in the adult movie world. Kenzie hails from the beautiful state of New Hampshire.

Imagine she first saw the world on July 7, 1997. That makes her 25 years young today! She’s not just about the glitz and glamour, though. Kenzie is proudly American and holds her Christian beliefs close to her heart.

She’s a petite powerhouse, making big waves in her field. It’s incredible how someone so young has become so successful. Kenzie’s journey is inspiring, showing us that age is just a number for achieving greatness.

Kenzie Reeves Education

Guess what? We’re diving into Kenzie Reeves’s school life now. It’s a mystery, you know. Details about where she went to school or if she loved math are hard to find. But think about this.

Kenzie stepped into the big world of acting when she was super young. So, she must have been juggling homework and her dreams simultaneously. Maybe she was scribbling notes in a notebook one second and learning lines the next.

Even though we don’t know her favorite subject or if she played sports, one thing’s sure. Kenzie must have been pretty determined and intelligent to balance school with starting her career.

She was living a double life – student by day and future star by afternoon. How cool is that? Just imagine doing your math homework and then becoming a movie star.

Kenzie Reeves Family

She keeps her family stuff pretty private. We don’t get to see much about her mom and dad or if she has any brothers and sisters. It’s like a secret garden where only a few can go. But here’s what we do know.

Kenzie grew up in New Hampshire so she might have enjoyed lots of outdoor fun. Imagine running through the forests and playing hide and seek among the trees. Her family must be proud of her, seeing how far she’s come.

And, even though we don’t know their names, they’re a big part of her story. Like in a puzzle, each piece of her family helps make Kenzie the fantastic person she is today. So, even without the details, it’s clear. Her family is important to her, shaping her into the star she’s become.

How old is Kenzie Reeves? Age, Career, Family, Net worth, Height, Bio/Wiki 2024

Kenzie Reeves boyfriend

Kenzie Reeves keeps her heart’s tales quite hush-hush. She hasn’t spilled the beans about having a special someone. Or if a lucky guy is making her smile extra bright.

Everyone’s super curious, of course. Because, well, who wouldn’t be? Kenzie’s love life is like a hidden chapter of a book. We’re all waiting eagerly to read it. But for now, it’s a secret locked away.

So, we’re left guessing and imagining. Maybe she’s single, focusing on her glittering career. Or perhaps a mystery man is cheering her on from the sidelines. Only time will tell; when it does, we’ll be all ears. Until then, we respect her privacy but can’t help hoping for love stories in the future.

Kenzie Reeves Body Measurements & Physical Appearances

Height (approx.)In Centimeters – 147 cm
In Meters – 1.47 m
In Feet and Inches -4’10
Weight (approx.)In Kilogram – 41 kg
In Pounds – 90 lbs
Figure Measurements (approx.)30B-22-32
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBlond


Kenzie Reeves is super proud of where she comes from. She’s all American. She carries a little piece of New Hampshire with her wherever she goes. And guess what? She also believes in Christianity.

So, her beliefs are a big part of who she is. Like some of us love soccer or painting, Kenzie loves her faith. It shapes her, like how clay turns into a fantastic sculpture. It’s neat to think about. Every person has a mix of stuff that makes them unique.

For Kenzie, being American and a Christian is her mix. It’s like her own unique recipe. And she sure seems happy to share it with the world. It’s all about celebrating who you are and where you come from. That’s pretty awesome.

How old is Kenzie Reeves? Age, Career, Family, Net worth, Height, Bio/Wiki 2024


Guess what? Kenzie Reeves has some fun facts that might surprise you. For starters, she’s a massive fan of video games. Yes, you heard that right. When she’s not in front of the camera, she loves playing games like many of us.

And here’s another cool tidbit. Kenzie is a big lover of animals. She adores them so much. Imagine her playing with puppies or cuddling kittens. So cute, right? Also, did you know she’s into traveling? Kenzie loves exploring new places. It’s like she’s on a never-ending adventure.

Plus, she’s got a secret talent for cooking. She can whip up yummy dishes. It’s like magic in the kitchen. So, besides being super talented on screen, Kenzie has a lot of other tremendous interests. It’s neat to learn these extra bits about her.

Before Fame

Before Kenzie Reeves became a big star, she was just like us. She probably went to school, did her homework, and had dreams. Imagine her as a little girl, dreaming big dreams in New Hampshire. Maybe she played pretend, acting out stories in her backyard.

This was before the red carpets and bright lights. Before she knew about cameras and fans, Kenzie was learning and growing. She might have been scribbling in notebooks, not yet scripts. Each day was a step toward her future fame.

How old is Kenzie Reeves? Age, Career, Family, Net worth, Height, Bio/Wiki 2024

It’s incredible to think about, right? How she started from scratch and worked super hard. Everything she did back then helped her become who she is today. So, before all the glitz, Kenzie was a lot like you and me, chasing big dreams with a hopeful heart.

Kenzie Reeves Career

Kenzie Reeves started her incredible journey in 2015. First, she stepped into the world of modeling. Then, she became a shining star in adult movies. It was like stepping into a whole new universe for her.

At first, she was nervous, but soon she dazzled everyone. Kenzie worked super hard, learning lots every day. She showed up and gave her best, and it paid off. Fans all around the globe began noticing her talent. Soon, she was not just a star but a superstar.

Along the way, Kenzie became a social media sensation too. She shared cool pics and stories, connecting with fans. Her success story is like a fairy tale but real. She proves that with passion and hard work, dreams do come true. Kenzie Reeves career is an exciting adventure that keeps growing.

How old is Kenzie Reeves? Age, Career, Family, Net worth, Height, Bio/Wiki 2024

Kenzie Reeves YouTube Channel

Kenzie Reeves doesn’t have a YouTube channel that is presently active. Despite this, she has over 675,000 followers on Instagram, where she shares both personal updates and modeling images.

What is Kenzie Reeves’s bra size?

Kenzie Reeves’s stats indicate that her bra size is 30B.

How many movies have Kenzie Reeves appeared in?

Since making her professional debut in 2017, Kenzie Reeves has starred in more than 300 well-known adult films. She is involved with every major studio.

Kenzie Reeves Net Worth

Net WorthApproximately $1.5 Million.

Okay, let’s talk about something super cool – money! Kenzie Reeves has done amazingly well for herself. She’s not just famous; she’s also got a pretty impressive bank account. She’s got more than 1.5 million dollars!

So, how did she get there? Well, by being excellent at what she does. Every movie and every photo shoot adds up. Plus, being popular on social media helps a ton, too. She might add to her piggy bank whenever she posts a picture or a tweet.

But remember, it’s not just about making money. It’s about following your dreams, just like Kenzie did. And when you work hard and stick to what you love, success and money follow. So, Kenzie’s story isn’t just incredible because of the big bucks. It’s a reminder to chase our dreams with all our hearts.

Kenzie Reeves Favorite Things

Pizza Parties

Kenzie loves pizza. She could eat it every day.

Gaming Nights

Remember how she adores video games? Those nights are her favorite.

Animal Cuddles 

Any chance to snuggle with furry friends makes her list.

Beach Trips

She enjoys the sun, sand, and waves a lot.

Cooking Magic

Whipping up tasty dishes is a top hobby of hers.

Movie Marathons

Kenzie is a fan of watching movies back-to-back.

Travel Adventures

Exploring new places is always exciting for her.

Dance Parties 

She loves to dance around and have fun.

Reading Time 

Getting lost in a good book is something she cherishes.

Stargazing Nights

Looking up at the stars makes her happy. These activities and hobbies keep her smiling. It’s all about finding joy in the little things. Kenzie sure knows how to enjoy life to the fullest!

Fun Facts About Kenzie Reeves

  • Kenzie Reeves kicked off her career in 2017.
  • She began as a model and actress in the adult film scene.
  • It’s super cool. She quickly climbed the ladder of success.
  • Kenzie worked with big names.
  • Think Naughty America, Brazzers, and Reality Kings.
  • These are like the giants of the industry! Each project brought her new fans and friends.
  • She became a familiar face across many screens.
  • Kenzie also loves to share her journey.
  • She uses social media to connect with her audience.
  • It’s like a behind-the-scenes look at her life.
  • Plus, she’s super fun and always has interesting stories.
  • Her journey is full of exciting twists and turns.
  • So, Kenzie Reeves is about more than just her roles.
  • She’s a vibrant personality off-screen, too. Isn’t that fascinating?

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Kenzie Reeves? 

She’s 25 years old, super young and successful.

Where is Kenzie from? 

She comes from New Hampshire, a pretty cool place.

What does Kenzie love to do? 

She adores playing video games and cuddling with animals.

Is Kenzie in movies? 

Yes, she’s a star in adult films and shines bright.

Does Kenzie like to travel? 

She loves exploring new and exciting places.

Can Kenzie cook? 

You bet she whips up delicious dishes like magic.

Does Kenzie have a favorite food? 

Pizza is her top pick; she could eat it daily.

Is Kenzie on social media? 

Yes, and she is super popular there, sharing cool stuff. Remember, Kenzie keeps rocking and living her dream every day. She is a true inspiration for following your heart and doing what you love.

Final Verdict

Alright, here’s the scoop on Kenzie Reeves, wrapped up neatly. We dived into her life, from when she was starting to now, shining bright. Kenzie’s journey kicked off in 2015. Boy, has she soared! From modeling to movies, she’s done it all. 

Plus, she’s a hit on social media, sharing bits of her fun-filled life. Kenzie loves pizza, video games, and snuggling with cute animals. 

She’s also into traveling and cooking up tasty dishes. Oh, and did we mention she’s got a net worth of over 1.5 million bucks? That’s huge! But Kenzie’s story isn’t just about fame or money. 

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