The Amazing Life and Career of Jennie Garth: Unveiling Her Net Worth 2024

The Amazing Life and Career of Jennie Garth

Then you must have heard of Jennie Garth, the fantastic American actress who has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with her talent and charm. Born on April 3, 1972, in Urbana, Illinois, Jennie Garth has had a successful career in the entertainment industry for over three decades. 

She has become a household name with her decade-long association with the popular television series ‘Beverly Hills, 90210′. Jennie’s love for acting started at a young age, and she quickly rose to fame with her role as ‘Kelly Taylor’ in ‘Beverly Hills, 90210‘. Her talent and dedication have earned her numerous accolades, including a ‘Young Artist Award.’ 

Follow along as we dive into the fantastic life and career of Jennie Garth and discover why she is one of the most beloved actresses in the industry.

Jennie Garth Biography/wiki

Height5 ft 5 in
Weight64 kg
Date of BirthApril 3, 1972
Zodiac SignAries
Eye ColorBlue

Who is Jennie Garth?

The Amazing Life and Career of Jennie Garth

Jennie Garth is a super cool actress. She was born in a place called Urbana, Illinois. Imagine, she became famous for playing Kelly Taylor. That’s in a show called ‘Beverly Hills, 90210‘. It’s a big deal because lots of people watched it.

She started acting when she was young. Also, Jennie won an award once, which is pretty awesome. It was for being a great actress in a TV series. Besides acting, Jennie has a big, loving family. She’s been married and has kids, too.

Plus, she loves animals and has a big heart. Jennie Garth isn’t just an actress; she’s a cool mom and a kind person. People like her because she’s friendly and works hard. Isn’t that neat?

Jennie Garth Education

Jennie Garth went to a school called Greenway High School. It’s in a place named Phoenix, in Arizona. Schools are where you learn lots of cool stuff. Then, in her sophomore year, the 10th grade, she moved to another school.

This new school was Apollo High School, also in Phoenix. Moving schools can be a significant change. But Jennie did it! Both places are where she made friends and learned new things. In school, you get to read, write, and do math. Jennie liked acting in school plays, too.

Schools like these helped Jennie grow. They were a part of her journey before she became famous. Isn’t it interesting how school is a start for everyone? Even for stars like Jennie Garth!

Jennie Garth Family

Jennie Garth grew up in a big family. Her dad, John Garth, was super talented. He took fantastic pictures and also helped run a school. Sadly, he passed away in 2008. Her mom, Carolyn Garth, was a teacher.

Imagine all the homework help Jennie got! She has lots of siblings, too. Charles Parker, her big brother, and Lynn Borchers, her big sister. Then there’s John W. Garth, who she probably calls Johnny.

The Amazing Life and Career of Jennie Garth

Jennie Garth Husband/boyfriend

Jennie Garth met her future husband, Dan B. Clark, at a cozy coffee house. It was April 1991, and Dan’s band, Tongues and Tails, was playing that night. Something special sparked between them right away. They felt a strong connection from the start.

By December, Dan had popped the question, and Jennie said yes. They were young, in love, and ready to start their lives together. In 1993, they tied the knot, surrounded by family and friends. For two years, they shared everything. But, as often happens, things changed.

By 1995, they had decided to go their separate ways. Their divorce was finalized, marking the end of their chapter together. Even so, Jennie’s journey was beginning. She had more adventures waiting for her, both in love and life.

Jennie Garth Body Measurements & Physical Appearances

Height5 ft 5 in
Weight64 kg
Date of BirthApril 3, 1972
Zodiac SignAries
Eye ColorBlue


Jennie Garth has pretty cool roots. Her family background is a mix of English, Irish, and German. That’s like having stories from different parts of the world in your family tree! Imagine the various kinds of food, traditions, and stories she grew up with.

This mix makes her unique. It’s like being part of a big, global family. Also, knowing about different cultures makes Jennie a more understanding person. Plus, it’s fun to think about all the places her ancestors came from. One day, she’ll visit those countries.

It would be like walking in her family’s footsteps from long ago. Isn’t it exciting to know where you come from? Jennie’s diverse background adds to her incredible story.

The Amazing Life and Career of Jennie Garth


Did you know Jennie Garth was super popular? Yes, she was! In 2000, she made it to an excellent list. It was FHM’s ‘100 Sexiest Women’. Guess what? She was number 59. That’s high! But that’s not all. The following year, she was on the list again.

This time, she was number 93. It’s fantastic to be recognized once. But twice? That’s super cool. People all over thought she was terrific. And they were right. Jennie Garth is more than just a great actress. She’s also seen as super cool and pretty by lots of people.

Being on those lists must have been exciting. It shows how much fans liked her. Plus, it’s fun to think about being on that list. Jennie Garth indeed felt special. And she is!

The Amazing Life and Career of Jennie Garth

Before Fame

Jennie Garth grew up in a small town. She had a big dream in her heart. From a young age, she loved to act. She would put on plays for her family. This made her very happy. It also showed her passion for acting. Jennie didn’t just dream; she worked hard, too.

She took part in school plays and learned a lot. Also, she was fearless and moved to Los Angeles. This city is where many actors go to find work. There, she went to auditions and hoped for a chance. Jennie knew that to succeed, she needed to keep trying.

And that’s precisely what she did. Her big break came when she was cast in “Brand New Life.” This was just the beginning of her fantastic journey. Jennie Garth’s early days were filled with hope, effort, and a bit of sparkle.

Jennie Garth Career

Jennie Garth started her acting journey in 1989. She played ‘Erica McCray’ on ‘Brand New Life.’ Sadly, the show didn’t last long. But soon after, Jennie got a big break. She became ‘Kelly Taylor’ in ‘Beverly Hills, 90210′. This role made her super famous.

Jennie was on the show for ten exciting years. During this time, she tackled challenging teenage problems. She even directed two episodes, showing her many talents. The show talked about things like addiction and heartbreak. It helped lots of teens feel understood.

Jennie’s role as Kelly made her a favorite in many homes. Her career took off from there. She became a big star thanks to her hard work and talent. Jennie Garth showed everyone what she was capable of.

Brand Endorsements

Jennie Garth has been in some cool ads. In 2004, she helped promote Wish-Bone Salad Dressings. It was for a contest to win a kitchen makeover. Imagine winning that! Later, in 2007 and 2008, she was in an infomercial. It was for Wen Healthy Hair Care System. Her hair always looks fantastic.

Then, in 2010, Jennie was in a print ad again. This time for Hidden Valley Original Ranch light dressing. It was part of her “Garden Party” web series. She shared yummy vegetable recipes. So, besides acting, Jennie shows us excellent products.

She makes us want to try them. It’s fun to see her in different ads. Plus, who wouldn’t want a kitchen makeover or great hair? Jennie knows how to catch our attention.

The Amazing Life and Career of Jennie Garth


Jennie Garth’s journey with religion is unique. Before she married Peter Facinelli, she chose to become Catholic. This was a big step for her. It shows how people can grow and change. Learning about a new faith must have been exciting.

She probably learned lots of new things. This decision was a part of her new chapter in life. Joining a faith can bring comfort and community. It’s like being part of a big family that shares beliefs and traditions. For Jennie, becoming Catholic was important.

It was about sharing something special with her husband. It’s astonishing how love can introduce us to new ideas and paths. Jennie’s choice tells us it’s okay to explore and find what feels right. It’s all part of life’s incredible journey.

Personal Trainer

Jennie Garth had to work extra hard sometimes. After her three daughters were born, she bounced back fast. But things got tough after her second marriage ended. She felt unfortunate and started to gain weight. That happens when you’re not feeling your best.

So, Jennie decided to get some help. She found a personal trainer. This trainer was super cool and knew a lot. Together, they started working out. They did exercises that were fun and made Jennie feel strong. Little by little, Jennie began to feel better.

She saw changes in her body and her mood. Working out became a way for her to feel happy again. Jennie’s trainer helped her see that being active is fantastic. Plus, it’s a great way to beat sadness. Jennie learned that with a bit of help, you can get through tough times.

Jennie Garth’s Net Worth

PersonNet Worth (2020)
Jennie Garth$8 Million

Jennie Garth is pretty rich! In 2020, her net worth was a whopping $8 Million. That’s a lot of zeroes! She made this huge amount by being a super-talented actress. Imagine all the toys and games you could buy with that.

But Jennie probably spends it on more grown-up stuff. Like her big family and their house. Maybe even on her pets and charity work. Also, she could travel to cool places with her kids. It’s incredible to think about how hard work pays off. Jennie showed us that with dedication, you can achieve big dreams.

Jennie Garth’s Favorite Things

Weekend Getaways 

Jennie loves to sneak away to Cabo San Lucas. It’s her top spot for quick fun in the sun.

Traveling in Style 

She thinks trains and boats are the most remarkable ways to travel. They’re fun and let you see the world differently.

Dreamy Vacation Spots 

Tropical islands call her name. Jennie dreams of Tulum, Bali, and the Maldives. She loves the beach and warm weather.

Where Home Meets Heart 

Her homes in Malibu and Aspen are her havens. They’re perfect for her family and lots of pets.

Cities of Love 

Los Angeles, Austin, and San Francisco hold unique places in her heart. Each city has its vibe that she digs.

Fun Facts About Jennie Garth

  • Jennie Garth has some super fun facts about her.
  • First off, did you know she loves cooking? Yes, she’s a star in the kitchen too.
  • Jennie often shares her favorite recipes online.
  • So cool, right? Also, Jennie is a big animal lover.
  • She has lots of pets at home.
  • Cats, dogs, and even horses! Imagine having your mini zoo. 
  • Plus, Jennie is super good at fixing things.
  • She enjoys DIY projects around her house.
  • It’s like she’s a real-life superhero.
  • Another neat thing is she’s excellent at gardening.
  • Jennie grows her fruits and veggies. 
  • That’s super healthy and fun.
  • Lastly, she once said her favorite color is blue.
  • It reminds her of the sky and ocean.
  • These fun facts show Jennie Garth is unique in many ways.
  • Not just on TV, but in real life too!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was Jennie Garth first husband? 

Jennie Garth first husband was Daniel B. Clark. They married when Jennie was young and stayed together for two years before going their separate ways.

Did Jennie Garth get married? 

Yes, Jennie Garth got married! She has been married a few times. Her first husband was Daniel B. Clark, then she married Peter Facinelli, and after that, Dave Abrams.

Who did Jennie Garth have kids with?  

Jennie Garth has three incredible daughters, and she had them with her second husband, Peter Facinelli. They were a family who spent lots of time together.

Where was Jennie Garth raised?  

Jennie Garth was raised in a small town before moving to Phoenix, Arizona. She went to high school there and started to dream about acting. It sounds like she had a fun childhood!

Final Verdict

Jennie Garth became super famous with ‘Beverly Hill, 90210’. She was just a teenager when she decided acting was her dream. So, she left her school books behind. And moved to Los Angeles. That’s far from Phoenix, where she grew up! It must have been a big adventure.

In Los Angeles, Jennie worked very hard. She went to lots of auditions. And then, she got her big break on the TV show. Playing Kelly Taylor made her a star. People loved watching her. Jennie felt like all her dreams had come true.

But Jennie’s life had ups and downs. She got married and then divorced. That made her very sad. She also struggled when her second marriage ended. But she never gave up. Jennie always bounced back, stronger than before. Even when things got tough, she remembered her dream.

And that made her keep going. Jennie Garth shows us that dreams do come true. But you have to work hard and never give up, no matter what.

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