Who is Liam Costner? Age, Family, Career, Net Worth 2024

Who is Liam Costner? Age, Family, Career, Net Worth, Bio/wiki 2024

Let me introduce you to Liam Costner, the 28-year-old son of Hollywood legend Kevin Costner. Liam was born on November 15, 1996, in Los Angeles, California, and falls under the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

Liam Costner Despite his young age, he has already made quite a name for himself in the world of real estate, following in the footsteps of his successful father. But that’s not all; Liam also shares a close bond with his seven half-siblings, including his famous father’s Net worth of $250 million.

Impressive, right? Please keep reading to find out more about this young real estate prodigy and his family’s incredible financial success.

Liam Costner Biography/wiki

Full NameLiam Costner
Date of BirthNovember 15, 1996
Age28 years old (as of 2024)
Zodiac SignScorpio
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, United States
FatherKevin Costner (renowned actor, producer, and director)
MotherBridget Rooney (actress and part of the Rooney family legacy)
SiblingsHalf-siblings include Annie Costner (actor), Joe Costner (musician and actor), and Lily Costner (artist and singer-songwriter)
CareerSuccessful real estate agent
Net Worth
Approximately $1.2 million
Height5 feet 8 inches (173 cm)
Weight137 pounds (62 kg)
AppearanceBlonde hair, blue eyes

Who is Liam Costner?

Who is Liam Costner? Age, Family, Career, Net Worth, Bio/wiki 2024

Liam Costner is more than just a name. He’s the son of the famous Kevin Costner. But wait, there’s more! Born in the sunny city of Los Angeles, he’s got that Scorpio spark. Not just any kid, Liam stepped into the big world of real estate.

He is rocking it! At only 28, he’s already making waves. Imagine being a real estate pro at such a young age. Plus, he’s not alone. He has seven half-siblings to share his adventures with. How cool is that? Liam’s journey isn’t just about selling houses.

It’s about creating a name for himself. And, boy, has he done that! From his famous dad to his success, Liam Costner is a name you won’t forget. He shows us that being young doesn’t mean you can’t achieve big things.

Liam Costner Education

Liam Costner didn’t just jump into real estate. First, he hit the books! His school journey started like ours. But he didn’t stop there. Nope, he aimed higher. Liam worked super hard in school, always dreaming big. After finishing high school, he didn’t take a long break.

Instead, he dove into college life. There, he learned lots of cool stuff. Stuff that helped him become the real estate whiz he is today. He soaked up knowledge like a sponge. And you know what? It paid off big time. Now, he uses what he learned every day.

Every deal he makes, every house he sells. It’s all thanks to his education. So, remember, learning is critical. Just like Liam, we can reach for the stars if we stay curious. Keep studying, and who knows? We’ll be the next big thing, too!

Liam Costner Parents

Liam’s family tree is pretty awesome. His dad, Kevin Costner, is super famous. He’s been in tons of movies we all love. Imagine having a dad who’s a real-life movie star! In addition, Liam has seven half-siblings. That’s a big family! They must have so much fun together.

With all these brothers and sisters, there’s never a dull moment. And don’t forget, his stepdad’s also pretty cool. With such a fantastic family, Liam’s life is a whole of exciting stories. It’s like having your movie cast at home.

Who is Liam Costner? Age, Family, Career, Net Worth, Bio/wiki 2024

Wedding Liam Costner

Okay, so here’s the scoop on Liam Costner’s love life. Right now, Liam isn’t sharing much about having a wife or girlfriend. It’s like he’s keeping that part of his life super private. Maybe he’s focusing on selling houses or spending time with his big family.

Or perhaps he’s waiting for the right person to share his adventures. Who knows? But one thing is sure. Liam is living his life, making big real estate deals, and keeping us all guessing about his heart’s story. So, we’ll have to wait and see what happens next in Liam’s world of love and houses.

Liam Costner Body Measurements & Physical Appearances

Birthdate15 November 1996
Height5ft 8in
Weight62 Kilogram
Age28 Years 4 Months 18 Days
ProfessionReal Estate Agent
Martial StatusUnmarried
Who is Liam Costner? Age, Family, Career, Net Worth, Bio/wiki 2024


So, let’s chat about Liam Costner’s roots. His family is a mix of different backgrounds. This blend makes him unique. Liam gets his cool vibes from this mix. His dad, Kevin, brings his side of the story. And his mom, Bridget, adds her flavour. Together, they create a rich tapestry.

It’s like having a foot in two worlds. This mix influences Liam in extraordinary ways. It shapes who he is and how he sees the world. Plus, it adds to his charm. Having a diverse background is like a superpower.

It makes Liam stand out in the crowd. So, when you think of Liam, remember his excellent mix. It’s part of what makes him unique. And it’s definitely something to chat about.

More Information About Liam Costner Bridget Rooney

Here are some cool bits about Liam Costner. Did you know he loves surfing? Yep, the waves are his friends. He hits the beach whenever he can. Also, Liam has a secret talent. He’s great at cooking! Imagine that. A real estate whiz who can whip up yummy dishes.

On top of that, Liam’s a big fan of dogs. He has two adorable pups. Their names are Max and Buddy. They’re like his little furry buddies. And here’s something fun. Liam once met a famous singer. But he kept it super chill. He didn’t brag about it.

That’s pretty cool. Moreover, Liam loves to travel. He has been to some fantastic places. On each trip, he learns something new. So, there you have it. Here is some fun trivia about Liam Costner.

Before Fame

Before Liam Costner became a real estate star, he was just like us. He went to school and played with friends. Also, he probably had chores to do at home. Sometimes, he might have watched his dad in movies. That sounds awesome. Liam also spent time learning cool stuff.

Things like how to be kind and work hard. He must have listened to his teachers a lot. Plus, he might have played sports or tried out art. Every day, he was learning and growing. This helped him get ready for his big future. And, boy, did he dream big! Imagine dreaming of selling houses when you were just a kid. That’s what Liam did.

He always knew he wanted to do something great. So, he kept on learning and dreaming. Now, look at him! He’s making those dreams come true. But remember, it all started way back before he was famous.

Liam Costner Career

Liam jumped into real estate with both feet. He loved learning about houses and selling them. This job was perfect for him. He started small but dreamed big. Soon, he was closing deals like a pro. Every day, he met new people and saw cool houses.

His hard work paid off, making him a success. Liam shows us that with passion, we can do anything. He’s not just Kevin Costner’s son. He is a real estate whiz kid. Remember, it’s not about where you start. It’s where you’re going.

Liam Costner Movies

Movie TitleRelease YearRole
The Way Back2018Troubled youth finding redemption through basketball
Divergent2021Lead role in this dystopian science-fiction film
The BodyguardNotable appearance in this classic film
The Highway ManPart of the cast in this movie
The UntouchablesContributed to this iconic film
JFKPlayed a role in this historical drama
WaterworldInvolved in this post-apocalyptic adventure
The PostmanFeatured in this post-apocalyptic drama
Tin CupNoteworthy performance in this sports romantic comedy
Field of DreamsPart of the ensemble cast in this beloved baseball fantasy-drama
Hidden FiguresContributed to this inspiring biographical drama about NASA mathematicians
Molly’s GamePlayed a role in this thrilling poker-based film
Yellowstone (TV Series)2018-presentKnown for his role in this popular TV series

Liam Costner Most Famous movie

Here is the scoop on Liam Costner’s movie scene. Although he’s more known for his real estate moves, Liam has dipped his toes into Hollywood. But he hasn’t starred in a big movie like his dad, Kevin. Instead, he’s been around the film scene in different ways.

Maybe behind the scenes or in more minor roles. We have yet to see him in a blockbuster hit. Still, Liam being around Hollywood is pretty cool. Just imagine him on a movie set. It sounds like an adventure. So, while he may not have a famous movie to his name, his connection to the film world is undeniable.

In Addition, being kevin costner son liam, who knows? The future might have some exciting movie projects for him. Let’s keep our eyes peeled. Who knows what’s next for Liam in Hollywood?

Who is Liam Costner? Age, Family, Career, Net Worth, Bio/wiki 2024

Sibling Bonds

Liam is super close with his seven half-siblings. It’s like having his very own team. They all come from his dad, Kevin Costner’s three marriages. So, imagine the fun they have! Each sibling brings something unique to the group. Together, they create a bunch of memories.

They play games, share stories, and learn from each other. It’s like having best friends who are also family. They cheer for one another and share big dreams. Sometimes, they might even argue, but that’s okay.

Because they have each other’s backs, having such a big family means there’s always someone to talk to. And Liam loves that. He wouldn’t trade his sibling bonds for the world. It’s one of the best parts of his life.

Liam Costner Net Worth

Liam Costner is doing great for himself. He’s got a cool $1.2 million to his name. That’s a lot of money, right? Especially for someone so young. Now, let’s talk about his dad, Kevin. He’s sitting on a whopping $250 million.

Wow, that’s like a mountain of cash! And then there’s his stepdad, Bill William Koch. His net worth? A mind-blowing $800 million. Can you even imagine that? With all this money in the family, Liam lives a super fancy life.

He travels all over the world. It’s like he’s on a never-ending adventure. So, yeah, Liam and his family? They’re doing more than just okay. They’re living the dream, big time!

Liam Costner’s Favorite Things

Surfing the Waves

Liam absolutely loves surfing. He feels super happy when riding the waves. It’s like he’s dancing with the ocean. 

Cooking Yummy Dishes

In the kitchen, Liam turns into a chef. He enjoys cooking delicious meals for his family and friends. It’s a fun way for him to relax. 

Playing with His Pups

Max and Buddy, his dogs, are his best pals. He spends lots of time playing and cuddling with them. They’re like fluffy bundles of joy. 

Strumming the Guitar

Music flows through Liam when he plays the guitar. It’s his excellent way to share stories without words. Each note tells a bit about him. 

Exploring History

Liam digs into the past with his love for history. Ancient stories and civilizations fascinate him a lot. It’s like time travelling in his mind. 

Gaming Adventures

Video games are a blast for Liam. He loves diving into fantastical worlds and epic battles. It’s his go-to activity for excitement. 

Collecting Vintage Comics

His collection of old comic books is fantastic. Each one holds a special place in his heart. They’re like treasures from the past.

Fun Facts About Liam Costner

  • Did you know he’s got a hidden talent for playing the guitar? Yes, after a long day of real estate stuff, he strums away on his guitar. It’s his fantastic way to chill out.
  • Also, Liam is a history buff.He loves reading about ancient civilizations.
  • Imagine him exploring old ruins! Plus, he’s really into video games.
  • He could spend hours battling it out in a fantasy world.
  • And here’s a quirky one – Liam collects vintage comic books.
  • He’s got a pretty awesome collection.Oh, and he’s a master at chess.
  • He can outsmart almost anyone in a game.
  • Isn’t that neat? So, there you have it, folks.
  • Liam Costner isn’t just about houses and Hollywood.
  • He’s got a bunch of exciting hobbies that make him super cool.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Liam Costner doing now?

He’s making big moves in real estate. 

Why is Kevin Costner so famous? 

He’s a superstar actor in lots of excellent movies. 

How many kids does Kevin Costner have?

He’s a dad to seven terrific kids. 

Is Kevin Costner’s brother an actor? 

Nope, Kevin’s the actor in the family.

Final Verdict

Liam Costner is super cool. He’s not just some guy. He is a real estate star with a famous dad. But there’s more to him. He’s got a big family and loves his half-siblings a lot. Liam’s also really private about his love life. And he’s into real estate, making big bucks. Plus, he loves surfing and cooking. 

Remember his dogs and travelling adventures. Liam’s life is like a fun movie. And he’s living it to the fullest every single day. He shows us that with hard work, anything’s possible. So, keep dreaming big, just like Liam. Who knows what exciting things are following for him?

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