SuicideBoys Net Worth, Age, Family, Career 2024

SuicideBoys Net Worth, Age, Family, Career 2024

Are You Excited To know about SuicideBoys Net Worth, Their Net Worth Is Almost $4 million. At just 28 years old, the New Orleans-bred punk-rap duo Suicideboys has overtaken the music industry. Though they have yet to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 or any airplay tally, the group has amassed a massive underground following through their raw and authentic SoundCloud releases.

Comprised of cousins Ruby da Cherry and $crim, Suicideboys have built their empire with their label G*59 Records, where they primarily release their music videos. Their most popular track, “Paris,” has garnered over 30 million views on YouTube alone.

Suicideboys’s Biography/wiki

Celebrated Name:Suicide Boys
Owner: Ruby da Cherry, $scrim
Founded:New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Origin:Former Basketball Player
Net Worth:$4 million

Who is Suicideboys?

SuicideBoys Net Worth, Age, Family, Career 2024

Suicideboys is a dynamic punk-rap duo. They hail from New Orleans. The group consists of cousins Ruby da Cherry and $ Crim. They emerged from the SoundCloud music scene. Their unique sound blends aggressive rap with punk influences. The duo founded their label, G*59 Records.

They Have gained a significant following without mainstream airplay. Suicide Boys is known for its raw lyrical content. They explore themes of depression, substance abuse, and nihilism. Their music resonates with a vast underground audience. The duo continues to push the boundaries of punk and rap.

Suicideboys’s Education

Details regarding the educational background of the Suicideboys, Ruby da Cherry and Scrim, still need to be discovered. However, it is known that their early life in New Orleans played a significant role in shaping their musical journey. Beyond traditional schooling, their education came from the streets of their hometown, where they were exposed to a blend of musical genres.

This unconventional education contributed to their unique sound. While formal education details remain private, their artistic prowess suggests a deep, self-taught understanding of music production and lyrical composition. This self-education has allowed them to carve out a niche in the punk-rap genre, showcasing their talent and creativity.

Suicideboys’s Family

Growing up in New Orleans, family played a pivotal role in shaping the artistic paths of Ruby da Cherry and $crim. Indeed, their bond as cousins provided the foundation for Suicideboys. Their family background, imbued with the rich musical heritage of their hometown, nurtured their early interest in music.

While specifics about their immediate family remain private, it’s clear the duo’s relatives have been instrumental in their journey. Their shared experiences, deeply rooted in familial ties, have influenced their music and solidified their partnership. This familial connection continues to be a source of strength and inspiration for their work.

Suicideboys’s Wife/Girlfriend

Regarding the personal lives of Ruby da Cherry and Scrim, they’ve managed to keep things private. Thus, specifics about their romantic relationships or marital statuses are scarce. They prefer to let their music speak volumes, keeping their love lives away from the public eye.

However, fans respect their need for privacy, understanding that not all aspects of an artist’s life need to be in the spotlight. This approach allows the Suicideboys to maintain a clear boundary between their professional and personal lives. Their decision to keep these details under wraps is a testament to their focus on their music and artistic integrity.


The ethnic backgrounds of Ruby da Cherry and $crim, the minds behind Suicideboys, are a rich tapestry contributing to their unique sound. Drawing from a diverse heritage, their music interweaves the cultural influences they’ve inherited.

This diversity is evident in their lyrical themes and musical styles, which resonate with a wide audience. Their New Orleans roots, a melting pot of cultures, have undeniably shaped their artistic expression.

The duo’s ability to blend various musical genres speaks to their multifaceted ethnic identities. Their work showcases the power of cultural diversity in creating impactful art.

SuicideBoys Net Worth, Age, Family, Career 2024

Before Fame

Long before the spotlight found them, Ruby da Cherry and $crim, the minds behind Suicideboys, navigated life’s gritty lanes. Their journey began amidst New Orleans’ vibrant yet chaotic streets. Here, music served as their refuge.

Initially, their paths were distinct. Ruby immersed himself in skateboarding, finding freedom on four wheels. Meanwhile, Scrim wrestled with personal demons, seeking solace in music’s embrace. Together, they discovered a shared passion.

This bond, forged in adversity, propelled them forward. Music became their collective voice. It echoed their struggles, dreams, and the raw reality of their early years. This foundation set the stage for what was to come.

SuicideBoys Net Worth, Age, Family, Career 2024

Suicideboys’s Career

The Suicideboys embarked on their music journey with enthusiasm. Their sound, a fusion of punk and rap, quickly resonated. They utilized SoundCloud to showcase their raw talent. Soon after, G*59 Records was born. Under their label, they released numerous hits.

“Paris” stood out, amassing millions of views. Despite no mainstream airplay, their fanbase expanded globally. Tours followed, selling out venues worldwide. Their underground approach has defined a new era in music.

Continuously, they defy expectations, proving that genuine artistry can thrive outside conventional pathways. Their career is a testament to their resilience and innovation in the music industry.

$Suicideboys Net Worth

Emerging from the depths of the underground scene, Suicideboys have carved a remarkable niche. Their relentless dedication has paid off, boasting an impressive Net Worth of nearly $4 million. This financial success underscores their savvy in navigating the music industry.

Despite not hitting mainstream charts, their strategy of leveraging digital platforms has been key. Their label, G*59 Records, plays a pivotal role in this achievement. Moreover, their loyal fanbase contributes to their growing wealth.

They’ve solidified their financial standing through tours, merchandise, and streams. Their story illustrates the power of innovation and authenticity in building a successful career.

SuicideBoys Net Worth, Age, Family, Career 2024

Suicideboys’s Favorite Things

Music Genres Beyond Punk-Rap: 

Interestingly, both members have a broad appreciation for various music genres. They often explore beyond punk-rap, diving into jazz, blues, and classic rock. This eclectic taste influences their unique sound.

Skateboarding Culture: 

As mentioned earlier, Ruby da Cherry has a profound love for skateboarding. This passion extends to the duo, with skate culture deeply influencing their style and music videos.

Vintage Clothing: 

They have a penchant for vintage clothing, often spotted wearing unique pieces from past decades. Their fashion choices reflect their music’s raw and authentic vibe.

Spicy Food:

Both Ruby and $crim are fans of spicy cuisine. They frequently enjoy dishes that pack a punch, mirroring the intensity of their music.

Video Games: 

To unwind, the duo indulges in video games. This hobby offers them a break from their hectic schedules, allowing them to recharge creatively.

New Orleans’ Local Scenes: 

Despite their global tours, they remain rooted in their hometown. They cherish New Orleans’ local music scenes and cuisine, drawing inspiration from its vibrant culture.

Fun Facts about Suicideboys Net Worth

  • DIY Ethos Amplifies Worth: Surprisingly, their DIY approach skyrocketed their value. 
  • Merch Moves Millions: Their unique merchandise line directly fuels their fortune. 
  • SoundCloud to Riches: Initially, free tracks laid a golden foundation. 
  • Shows Sell-Out Spectacle: Live performances significantly spike their earnings. 
  • Underground to Upscale: Without mainstream airplay, they’ve financially flourished. 
  • Digital Dominance: Mastering online platforms has maximized their monetary muscle. 
  • Fanbase Phenomenon: A dedicated global following boosts their bank balance. 
  • Cultivating Culture: Investing in their label enriches their artistic and economic landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Founder of SuicideBoys? 

The founders of SuicideBoys are cousins Ruby da Cherry and $crim, who together formed the punk-rap duo in New Orleans. Their collaboration marked the beginning of an underground musical empire.

Where and when was SuicideBoys founded? 

SuicideBoys was founded in New Orleans, Louisiana. The duo came together in 2014, combining their unique talents and shared vision to create a new wave in the punk-rap genre, leveraging their city’s rich musical heritage.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, SuicideBoys have redefined success. Their journey underscores the value of authenticity and hard work. Notably, they’ve achieved financial stability without mainstream recognition.

They’ve built an impressive empire by embracing digital platforms and nurturing a loyal fanbase. Their unique blend of punk and rap also stands out in today’s music scene. Furthermore, their story is a testament to the power of independent artistry.

Therefore, Suicideboys represents a significant shift in how musicians can thrive. In essence, their trajectory offers hope and inspiration to upcoming artists worldwide.

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