Who is Tabby Ridiman?Age, Family, Net Worth 2024

Who is Tabby Ridiman?Age, Family, Net Worth 2024

Tabby Ridiman She’s a famous social media star, actress, and model from America. But do you know where she came from before she reached stardom? Let me tell you about her big move from Newport to becoming a household name.

Like many of us, Tabby started with a YouTube channel in 2008. Her video “I Got A Ferret” went viral, and she was recognized nationwide. Tabby may seem reserved, but she’s a cooperative and confident personality on stage.

She’s even collaborating with her co-workers! But as for her family and personal life, she keeps that private. Originally from Newport, Kentucky, Tabby spent most of her younger days there before moving to Cynthia in 2007.

Standing at 5 feet tall and weighing 45 kilograms, she’s talented and has a great sense of style. With a net worth of 6 million dollars, Tabby Ridiman is a rising star to watch!

Tabby Ridiman Biography/wiki

Real NameTabby Ridiman
Professionsocial media personality and Youtuber

Who is Tabby Ridiman?

Who is Tabby Ridiman?Age, Family, Net Worth 2024

Tabby Ridiman, also known by her cool YouTube name, Tabs24x7Official, is fantastic! She was born on a warm summer day, July 12, 1994. Imagine being born in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she first saw the world. In 2008, she decided to share her life with us on YouTube.

Her adventure started with a bang when her “I gotta ferret” video made everyone sit up and watch. This made her YouTube channel super popular. She’s not just about videos; she’s also a star in acting and modelling.

Tabby shines bright like a star on stage, showing her confidence to everyone. Plus, she’s smart about keeping her personal life to herself.

She’s inspiring, showing us how to chase our dreams and excel. Isn’t it cool how she turned her passion into a career?

Tabby Ridiman Education

Tabby Ridiman, our shining star, started her school journey right where she grew up. Yep, in Ohio! Though we don’t have the details of all her school names, we know she began her learning adventure in her hometown.

Imagine walking those halls, not knowing you’re going to be a big star one day. Cool, right? Tabby’s education kick-started her path to awesomeness. Every class and every book helped her become the super-talented person she is today.

Even though she’s super private about her life, it’s neat to think about her sitting in class, maybe doodling in her notebook about her dreams.

Perhaps those dreams included ferrets and becoming a YouTube Sensation! So, while we might not see every class she took, we know her education played a big part in her journey to stardom.

Tabby Ridiman Family

Tabby Ridiman grew up with a fun bunch. In Cincinnati, Ohio, she started her life. But her roots are in Newport, Kentucky. That’s where her adventure with her family began. She has two sisters, Mandy and Shelby.

Together, they made lots of memories. In 2007, their family made a big move. They went to Cynthia, Kentucky, and guess what? They bought their first farm there! Imagine all the fun and mischief they had. Tabby was once married to Logan Sharp.

But, like some stories, theirs ended in a divorce. Yet, her family story is filled with love, moves, and changes. It’s like a big, adventurous book that keeps adding chapters.

Tabby Ridiman Children

Many adults think about having kids someday. But right now, Tabby Ridiman is super busy with her career. She loves acting and making fun videos for us to watch. Because she’s focused on her work, she hasn’t taken the step to have children.

Like in a video game, she’s on a current level, mastering it before moving on. So, while she shares lots of her life, some choices, like having kids, are for later. It’s all about timing and what feels right. And for Tabby, her career is her main adventure at the moment.

Tabby Ridiman, Sister and brother

Like you might have a brother or sister, Tabby Ridiman has them, too. They’re a big part of her life. But she keeps things about them as a secret. She believes some stuff should stay just for the family. It’s like having your treasure you don’t share with everyone.

Tabby and her siblings might play, laugh, or even argue sometimes. But at the end of the day, they care a lot about each other. Even though we don’t hear much about them, it’s cool to know she has a sister and brother, like many of us.

Tabby Ridiman Real Name

You might think Tabby Ridiman is her real name. But guess what? It’s not! Just like when you pick a super cool name for yourself in a game or when you make up stories, Tabby chose “Tabby Ridiman” as her unique name.

Her real name is a bit different. It’s like having a secret identity. She decided that “Tabby Ridiman” sounded just right for her. So, whenever you see her awesome videos or pictures, remember that name she picked out just for herself! It’s pretty cool to choose your name.

Tabby Ridiman Current Address

Tabby Ridiman is super cool and lives in America. She loves to create fun videos and act. America is huge, with lots of places to live. But Tabby keeps her home spot a secret. She thinks it’s essential to have privacy. So, she needs to share where she is.

We know she’s somewhere in America, doing extraordinary things. This makes her feel safe and lets her keep making great content. We respect her privacy and enjoy what she shares with us.

Tabby Ridiman Nationality

Tabby Ridiman was born right here, in America. This makes her an American, which is pretty cool! America is where people from all over the world come to live. But since Tabby was born here, she’s American through and through.

Being American means, she gets to vote when she’s old enough and join in on fun American holidays. It’s like being part of a big club where everyone is from different places, but she’s from here, making her stories and experiences uniquely American. It’s a particular part of who she is!

Who is Tabby Ridiman?Age, Family, Net Worth 2024

Tabby Ridiman boyfriend

Tabby Ridiman has had an Exciting Love Story. She married Logan Sharp, which was a significant chapter in her life. They shared many happy moments. But, like in stories, some things change. After some time, Tabby and Logan decided to go their separate ways.

They divorced for reasons they kept to themselves. It’s like when friends decide to play different games at recess. It doesn’t mean they aren’t friends anymore. They just chose different paths. Tabby’s heart story is part of her journey.

It shows that change is a part of life. And that’s okay. Life is full of new beginnings and adventures. Just like Tabby, we all learn and grow from each experience.

Tabby Ridiman Height & Physical Appearances

Real NameTabby Ridiman
Professionsocial media personality and Youtuber
Height (Inches)5 feet 0 inches
Weight45 kg
Figure Measurement30-23-32
Eyes ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
Date of BirthJuly 12, 1994
Age30 years
Zodiac SignCancer


Guess what, guys? Tabby Ridiman comes from a mix of backgrounds. That’s right; she’s an excellent blend of different cultures. It’s super neat because it makes her unique, just like a smoothie with all your favourite fruits mixed.

Sometimes, we must remember how cool it is to come from different places. Tabby’s mix of ethnicities is part of what makes her so unique. It’s like having a secret recipe that no one else has. And it helps her connect with many people.

Imagine having friends from all over the world. That would be awesome, right? Tabby’s background is a bit like that. It shows us that being from different places is something to be proud of.

It’s a part of who she is, just like our stories are a part of us. So, remember, being unique is what makes us super cool, just like Tabby.

Who is Tabby Ridiman?Age, Family, Career, Net Worth 2024


Did you know Tabby Ridiman isn’t just about videos? No, she’s also dipped her toes in modelling. Imagine strutting down the runway; the camera flashes everywhere. That’s part of Tabby’s world! But wait, there’s more.

She even signed a music recording contract in Sweden. Yes, Sweden! The land of beautiful landscapes and catchy tunes. So, not only does she act and model, but she sings, too. How cool is that? Tabby is like a jack of all trades, mastering everything she tries.

Plus, her adventures aren’t just in the US. They stretch to Europe. It’s like she’s on a never-ending journey of remarkable discoveries.

Bet you didn’t know she was so multifaceted. From Newport to international stardom, Tabby’s story keeps getting more exciting.

Before Fame

Before she shared her life with the world, Tabby Ridiman was pretty busy. She wasn’t just hanging out or playing video games. No, sir! Tabby was all about flips and leaps as a competitive gymnast. Can you imagine flipping through the air like a superhero? That was Tabby for you, a real-life action hero.

And get this: she was homeschooled, too. While many of us sat in classrooms, Tabby’s school was at home. This setup gave her the freedom to train hard and dream big.

Even without classrooms full of kids, Tabby was learning and growing. This unique mix of gymnastics and homeschooling shaped her early years. It’s pretty cool to think about. Before she ever thought about becoming a YouTube star or hitting the big screen, Tabby was already on a fantastic journey.

Tabby Ridiman Career

Tabby’s journey to fame was a challenging path. It had lots of ups and downs. But her big break came in 2008 with her YouTube debut. Suddenly, everyone knew who she was. The video “I Got A Ferret” made waves online. It was a hit. After that, her life changed for good.

Social media became her stage. She showed us all how to chase dreams. Soon, acting and modelling gigs came knocking. She grabbed them with both hands. Her talents shone through. Each role, each photo shoot, made her star brighter.

Fans loved her more and more. And guess what? She didn’t stop there. Tabby kept pushing boundaries. She became more than a social media sensation. Her career is a lesson in never giving up, from gymnast to YouTube star to actress and model. Tabby’s story tells us to keep dreaming big.

Twitter ,facebook , Instagaram

Tabby Ridiman loves to chat with her fans. On Twitter, she tweets super fun stuff. She shares excellent news on Facebook, too. And on Instagram, oh boy, you see fantastic pictures! She always finds time for her fans online.

It’s like she’s everywhere at once! Tabby makes sure we’re part of her adventures. She uses these sites to keep us updated. And we love it! Every post or tweet feels like getting a high-five from her. Isn’t it cool how we can connect with her? It’s like being friends in the digital world.

Tabby Ridiman Presence on social media

Tabby Ridiman is everywhere on the internet. First, she made a splash on YouTube. Then, she spread her wings to other sites. She’s on Instagram, tweeting on Twitter, and even sharing cool stuff on Facebook. Her fans follow her every post.

They love seeing what she shares next. Also, Tabby’s on TikTok makes fun videos that make everyone smile. She keeps her followers happy with updates and behind-the-scenes peeks. Want to follow her? Just search for Tabs24x7Official. There, you can have fun too.

Plus, she loves hearing from her fans. So, don’t be shy. Drop her a message. Who knows? She might write back. Remember, Tabby’s social media is full of surprises, whether it’s a tweet, post, or video.

Tabby Ridiman Net Worth

Net Worth (approx.)$6 million dollars

Guess what, guys? Tabby Ridiman has done something remarkable. She has earned a whopping 6 million dollars. That’s a lot of money. For someone so young in her field, this is super impressive. It’s like she hit a home run in a big game.

Tabby worked hard, making videos and acting. She also tried modelling and even signed a music deal in Sweden. All her efforts added up, bit by bit. Now, she has a substantial net worth. It’s like saving every penny from your allowance.

Then, one day, you realize you’ve got a mountain of coins. That’s what Tabby did but with her talent. So, she’s doing more than just making videos for fun. She’s also earning from her passion. How cool is that? Remember, like Tabby’s, every small step can lead to big success.

Fun Facts about Tabby Ridiman

  • Tabby Ridiman isn’t just about videos and modelling. She’s way more relaxed.
  • Also, she’s a night owl. Staying up late, making cool stuff.
  • And here’s a sweet fact: she adores chocolate ice cream.
  • In addition, Tabby has a hidden talent for drawing.
  • She can doodle up a storm.
  • Bet you didn’t see that coming.
  • And for something super fun, she once had a pet tarantula.
  • Eek! But that’s Tabby for you, full of surprises.
  • So, now you know more about her.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Tabby Ridiman & Why She Got Famous? 

Tabby Ridiman is a star on social media, known for her acting, modelling, and awesome YouTube videos, especially the one about her ferret that went viral.

What Is Her Net Worth? 

She’s earned a cool 6 million dollars thanks to her hard work in videos, modelling, and more.

What Is Her Marital Status? 

Tabby was married to Logan Sharp, but they decided to go separate ways, so now she’s single.

What Is Her Hometown? 

She was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, but grew up in Newport, Kentucky. That’s where her adventure started.

How Did She Start Her Journey? 

Tabby began her journey to fame with a YouTube channel in 2008, sharing her life and interests, like her ferret, with the world.

Final Words

So, guys, we’ve journeyed through Tabby Ridiman’s world. From her beginnings in Newport to becoming a big star. She’s shown us that dreams do come true. She’s a star in our eyes with her awesome videos and extraordinary adventures. Tabby teaches us to keep chasing our passions.

No matter if you like ferrets, drawing, or staying up late. Everyone’s journey is unique. Just like Tabby’s. Remember, being different is what makes us unique. And working hard pays off, just like Tabby’s $6 million story.

So, let’s dream big and aim high, friends. Who knows? One day, we’ll share our own incredible stories. Thanks for joining me in learning about Tabby Ridiman.

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