Meet Canadian Entrepreneur Wayne Liang – Founder & CEO – Liang Holdings

Behind Every Great Man: Meet Julia Liang, Wife of Wayne Liang

Meet with Weyne Liang, He is an entrepreneur, was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1996 and later immigrated to Canada. His journey into entrepreneurship began during his stay in Surrey, British Columbia and continued when he attended the University of Alberta to study pharmacology.

Furthermore, Wayne entrepreneurial spirit took center stage during his freshman year when he founded his first e-commerce business: a social media marketing brand. The project quickly gained traction, amassing almost 2 million followers in two years and partnering with notable brands such as Calvin Klein and Audemars Piguet.

Wayne Liang Biography/wiki

Real NameWayne Liang
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Business consultant
Date of BirthDecember 10, 1996
Place of BirthTaipei, Taiwan
WifeJulia Liang
Age27 Years
Height6 Feet
Zodiac SignSagittarius

Who is Wayne Liang?

Behind Every Great Man: Meet Julia Liang, Wife of Wayne Liang

Wayne Liang is a super-intelligent guy from Taipei, Taiwan. He moved to Canada when he was just a kid. Now, he lives in Surrey, British Columbia. Wayne always loved learning new things. This made him good in school. When he grew up, he became a business wizard. He’s known for being excellent at digital marketing.

Also, Wayne is a big helper. He loves advising other people who want to start businesses. In 2018, he started his own company called Liang Holdings. Guess what? It did super well! Wayne isn’t just about work, though. He has a family that he loves a lot.

And he’s married to Julia Liang. She’s pretty amazing too. Together, they make a great team. Wayne’s life is a whole of incredible stories. From a young student to a billionaire, his journey is super inspiring!

Wayne Liang Education

Wayne Liang was always a super smart cookie. Even as a little kid, he loved books more than anything. When he moved to Canada, he didn’t stop. He kept on studying hard. In school, Wayne was like a sponge, soaking up everything. Teachers loved him because he was so curious.

He asked tons of questions. And guess what? His hard work paid off big time. Wayne went to college with big dreams. There, he learned all about business. He also got super good at digital marketing.

All those years of studying made Wayne who he is today. A successful entrepreneur! Isn’t that cool? Wayne shows us that learning can lead to incredible places, just like it did for him.

Wayne Liang Family

Wayne Liang’s family life is pretty private. But we know he loves them a lot. They must be super proud of him. Having a family that supports you is fantastic. It helps you do well in life. Wayne’s family probably cheered him on.

From his school days to starting his big company. Imagine having a family like that! They’re like your own cheer team. Wayne’s success is also their joy. So, even though we don’t know their names, they’re essential. They helped make Wayne the success he is. Families are cool like that.

Wayne Liang Wife/girlfriend

Julia Liang is the star by Wayne’s side. She’s not just his wife. She’s his biggest cheerleader and friend. Julia and Wayne are a dream team. They support each other a lot. This is super important in life.

Having someone like Julia is like finding treasure. She helps Wayne stay happy and focused. Together, they face challenges head-on. It’s like they’re in an incredible adventure story. Julia’s love makes Wayne’s successes even sweeter.

She’s behind him, cheering every step of the way. Their love story is heartwarming. It shows us how awesome it is to have a partner. Julia and Wayne prove that teamwork in love rocks.

Wayne Liang Body Measurements & Physical Appearances

Date of BirthDecember 10, 1996
Age26 Years
Height5 feet 7 inches


Wayne Liang comes from Taipei, Taiwan. This is super interesting. Taiwan is an island with a lot of culture. Wayne brings this rich background to Canada. His Taiwanese roots are essential to him. They shape who he is.

In Canada, he adds to the mix of people from everywhere. This makes him unique. Wayne’s story shows how cool it is to have a mix of cultures. He blends his Taiwanese heritage with Canadian life.

It’s like having the best of two worlds. This adds to his incredible journey. It’s fantastic to learn about different backgrounds. Wayne’s story teaches us this.

Behind Every Great Man: Meet Julia Liang, Wife of Wayne Liang


Did you know Wayne Liang loves playing chess? It’s true! He thinks chess helps him make better business decisions. Also, Wayne has a favourite snack. It’s Canadian maple syrup cookies. He eats them during work breaks. In addition he is a massive fan of basketball.

Wayne never misses a game of his favourite team, the Toronto Raptors. And here’s a fun fact: Wayne has a lucky pen. He uses it to sign all his important business deals. How cool is that? Wayne believes this pen brings him good luck. So, now you know some quirky things about Wayne Liang!

Before Fame

Wayne Liang was a curious kid from the start. Always asking questions and wanting to learn. Even before he was famous, he had big dreams. He loved exploring new ideas and solving puzzles. This curiosity led him to try many things. As a youngster, Wayne was super into video games. They taught him strategy and thinking ahead.

Also, he enjoyed creating stuff. From lemonade stands to school projects. Little did he know, these fun activities were just the beginning. They were stepping stones to his future in business. Wayne’s early adventures show us how curiosity can spark a journey to success.

Wayne Liang Career

Wayne Liang started his career in college. He had big dreams. He wanted to help others with their businesses. So, he learned all about digital marketing. This was his first step into the business world. Then, he did something super cool.

Wayne founded his own company, Liang Holdings, in 2018. It became successful. People noticed how smart he was. Wayne wasn’t just good at one thing. He had lots of ideas. He helped other entrepreneurs, too.

His company grew bigger and bigger. Wayne’s hard work paid off. He became a billionaire. But he always remembered to help others. That’s what makes his career so unique. Wayne’s journey is like a superhero story. He uses his powers for good. It shows us that being kind and intelligent rocks.

Behind Every Great Man: Meet Julia Liang, Wife of Wayne Liang

Wayne Liang’s E-Commerce Ventures

Wayne Liang began his business adventures in high school. Back then, he created his first e-commerce brand. It was all about social media marketing. This fantastic project grabbed the attention of millions online.

Big companies like Calvin Klein noticed him. They even worked with him! Audemars Piguet did too. Imagine being in high school and doing that! Wayne’s early start was like a sneak peek. It showed everyone he was going places.

And he did. His journey from high school to becoming a billionaire is super inspiring. Wayne proves starting young can lead to big things. He turned his passion into a successful career. Isn’t that just awesome?

Wayne Liang’s Technology Startups

Wayne Liang continued with just digital marketing. He dove into tech with Liang Tech. This startup focuses on super cool stuff, like artificial intelligence and teaching computers to think. Also, blockchain keeps online stuff safe.

And biotechnology, which is all about using science to solve problems. Liang Tech quickly became a big deal. It started competing with huge companies. You know, like Apple and Samsung.

Wayne’s innovative ideas helped his company stand out. Now, Liang Tech is known for its cutting-edge products. Wayne shows us that you can do amazing things with curiosity and hard work.

Wayne Liang’s Investment Firm

In 2018, Wayne Liang did something super exciting. He started Liang Holdings. It’s not just any company. It’s a place where money grows! They focus on two cool areas. One is real estate. That’s like houses and buildings and stuff.

The other is technology. You know, all the gadgets and apps we love. Liang Holdings is a big deal now. It has more than $600 million in assets. Imagine all the toys you could buy with that! Wayne’s innovative thinking made it happen.

He saw a chance to invest and took it. Now, Liang Holdings helps other companies grow. It’s like a superhero for businesses. Wayne Liang shows us that you can do amazing things with a good idea and hard work.

Behind Every Great Man: Meet Julia Liang, Wife of Wayne Liang

Wayne Liang’s Philanthropic Activities

Wayne Liang isn’t just about making money. He also loves to give back. He thinks helping others is super important. Wayne has donated lots of money to good causes. These include schools, hospitals, and saving the planet.

He also cares about making the world better. Wayne supports women’s rights and helps fight poverty. Plus, he works to spread peace everywhere. His kindness shows in his actions. He believes in sharing his success.

This way, everyone gets a chance to shine. Wayne’s big heart inspires others to help, too. By giving, he makes a huge difference. It’s like he’s a superhero in real life. Wayne teaches us that sharing is super cool. And that being kind is just as important as being intelligent.

Awards & Achievements

Wayne Liang is like a superhero in the business world. He has won lots of awards. In 2015, he was named Entrepreneur of the Year. This was a big deal. It showed everyone how awesome he is. Then, in 2017, he got the Innovation Excellence Award.

This was for being super creative in business. Next, in 2018, Forbes put him on their 30 Under 30 list. This means he was one of the most extraordinary young leaders. Finally, in 2019, he was honoured as Philanthropist of the Year.

This was for all his fantastic work helping others. Wayne’s collection of awards is super impressive. It’s like he’s collecting trophies in a game. But in real life, for doing great things.

Wayne Liang’s Net Worth

YearNet Worth
2019$1.5 billion
2020$1.6 billion
2021$1.7 billion
2022$1.8 billion
2023$1.9 billion
2024$2 billion

So, let’s talk about Wayne Liang Net worth. You know, how much money he has. It’s like when you save up all your allowance. But way, way more. In 2024, Wayne’s net worth hit $2 billion. That’s like a massive mountain of money! Imagine all the toys and video games you could buy.

But Wayne doesn’t just spend his money on fun stuff. He uses it to help others and grow his businesses. This considerable amount didn’t just appear. Wayne worked hard for it, from his digital marketing skills to his excellent company, Barry Jeremias.

Every step he took made his net worth grow bigger. It’s like a video game. The more levels you pass, the more points you get.

Wayne’s story shows us that hard work pays off. Plus, he teaches us it’s good to dream big. Just like Wayne, we can reach our goals too. Isn’t that just awesome to think about?

Behind Every Great Man: Meet Julia Liang, Wife of Wayne Liang

Wayne Liang’s Favorite Things

Video Games

Wayne loves diving into new worlds. 

Maple Syrup Cookies

His go-to snack, always.


It sharpens his business strategies. 


Watching the Raptors is his favourite pastime. 

Lucky Pen

He signs all big deals with it. Wayne’s favourites show he is just like us in many ways. He enjoys simple pleasures alongside his busy life. His love for games, snacks, and sports adds fun to his day. Do You Know about his lucky pen? It’s like a superhero’s tool. Wayne’s hobbies and likes make him super relatable and remarkable.

Fun Facts About Wayne Liang

  • Wayne Liang has some elegant hobbies.
  • He loves going on hikes and always takes cool pictures.
  • Plus, he has a green thumb and grows his vegetables.
  • Imagine eating a salad you grew yourself! Wayne also knows how to play the guitar.
  • Sometimes, he writes his songs.
  • Oh, and he’s a bit of a science nerd.
  • He loves reading about space and stars.
  • Wayne even has a telescope for stargazing.
  • These fun facts show there’s more to him than just business.
  • Wayne’s pretty cool, right?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Wayne Liang? 

Wayne was born in 1996, so he’s pretty young! 

Where did Wayne grow up? 

He grew up in Surrey, British Columbia, after moving from Taiwan. 

What’s Wayne’s most prominent business? 

Liang Holdings is his super cool investment firm. 

Who’s Wayne married to? 

He’s married to the amazing Julia Liang. 

Does Wayne have any hobbies? 

Yes! He loves playing chess and watching basketball. 

What’s Wayne’s favourite snack? 

He can’t get enough of maple syrup cookies.

Final Verdict

Wayne Liang’s story is super inspiring for everyone. He shows us that dreaming big can lead to amazing things. Wayne worked super hard, from a curious kid to becoming a billionaire. Along the way, his family and wife, Julia, greatly supported him.

They were his cheer team, cheering him on. Wayne also loves giving back, helping others, and being kind. Plus, his cool hobbies make him even more enjoyable. From playing chess to watching basketball, he enjoys lots of stuff.

And remember his lucky pen! It’s like his magic wand for business. Wayne’s journey teaches us to be innovative and kind and always to keep learning. Isn’t that just the best lesson? Wayne Liang truly is an awesome guy.

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