A Glimpse into the Life of Sasha Czack, Stallone’s Ex-Wife, Career, Age, Family 2024

A Glimpse into the Life of Sasha Czack, Stallone's Ex-Wife, Career, Age, Family 2024

You may know her as Alexandra Jane Czack, but most people call her Sasha. She is a photographer, film director, writer, and actress. Oh, and a fun fact – she was also married to Hollywood superstar Sylvester Stallone! She was born in Pennsylvania, United States, on July 17, 1950, making me 74 years old now.

She went to the University of Notre Dame du Lac and St. John Senior High School. After that, she started acting in movies and TV shows, like Love of Life and The Long Lost Love. Her estimated net worth is $4 million. Crazy, right?

She was previously married to Rick Ash, but we ended up getting divorced. Oh, and by the way, She is only 4 feet 9 inches tall, but don’t let my height fool you.

Sasha Czack Biography/wiki

Date Of BirthJuly 17, 1950
Age74 years
Day of BirthMonday
Place Of BirthChester, Pennsylvania, United States
Zodiac SignCancer
ProfessionsDirector , Photographer , Writer
Birth NameAlexandra Jane Czack
Other NamesSasha Ash (After marriage to Rick Ash) , Sasha Czack-Stallone , Sasha Czack-Ash , Sasha Stallone

Who is Sasha Czack?

Sasha Czack is a super-talented lady. She clicks terrific pictures as a photographer. Also, she directs films and writes. Plus, she acts in movies and TV shows. Sasha was once married to a famous actor, Sylvester Stallone. They were a well-known couple. She grew up in a place called Chester in Pennsylvania.

She has done lots of stuff, from being behind the camera to shining in front of it. And guess what? She’s super intelligent too. She went to a big school called the University of Notre Dame du Lac. Sasha is definitely someone to learn about.

A Glimpse into the Life of Sasha Czack, Stallone's Ex-Wife

Sasha Czack Education

Sasha Czack is really smart, you know. She went to a big school for her higher learning. It’s called the University of Notre Dame du Lac. There, she studied media studies. Before that, she was at St. John Senior High School. It’s where she got ready for college.

She learned lots of cool stuff, like how to make movies and take excellent photos. The school helped her become who she is today. Isn’t that interesting? School can really shape you into something unique. Sasha was sure to show that.

Sasha Czack Family

SonsSage Stallone
(1976-2012; Actor/ director)
Seargeoh Stallone (born in 1979)
Brother In-LawFrank Stallone Jr. (Ex)
Father In-LawFrank Stallone Sr. (Ex; Hairdresser)
Mother In-LawJackie Stallone (Ex; Astrologer)
StepdaughtersSophia Rose Stallone
Scarlet Stallone
Sistine Stallone

Sasha Czack has a pretty interesting family. First off, she was married to Sylvester Stallone. Together, they were like a superstar duo. Also, she tied the knot with Rick Ash, but they didn’t stay together. Her family life has had its ups and downs, just like a roller coaster.

But through it all, Sasha has shown she’s solid and relaxed. She doesn’t talk much about her family in the public eye. Yet, it’s clear that family is important to her. Just like in any family, there are stories of love and lessons learned.

Sasha Czack’s Husband

Sasha Czack had two influential men in her life. First, she married Sylvester Stallone on December 28, 1974. He is a big movie star. You probably know him! They were a famous couple. Everyone talked about them.

Then, many years later, she married Rick Ash in 1997. But their marriage didn’t last forever. They ended up getting divorced. Both relationships were a big part of her life. They taught her lots, I bet. Marrying someone famous can be exciting but challenging, too.

Sasha knows this better than anyone. Her love life had its bright and challenging times. But she always stayed strong and kept going. Isn’t that pretty brave? Life is full of surprises. Sasha’s story shows us this. Love can be a roller coaster ride.

Sasha Czack Body Measurements & Physical Appearances

Height152 CM
4 Feet 12 Inches
Eye colorDark Brown
Hair colorBlonde
Weight50 KG
110 lbs
Figure TypeHourglass
Body TypeSlim
A Glimpse into the Life of Sasha Czack, Stallone's Ex-Wife


Sasha Czack has fascinating roots. She’s American but her background is more than just that. It’s like a mix of different places and stories. 

Just imagine, every family has a story from a long time ago.

And Sasha is no exception. This makes her who she is today. It’s like adding different colors to a painting. Each color makes the picture more beautiful.

So, Sasha’s ethnicity is a fantastic part of her story. It shows how we all come from different places. But in the end, we’re all connected. It’s neat when you think about it.


Did you know Sasha loves photography? It’s true! Besides, she’s pretty short, standing at 4 feet 9 inches. But guess what? She’s got a big heart and talent. Sasha’s first significant film role was in “Love of Life.” Also, she directed a film called “Vic.”

That’s pretty awesome! Her journey started in Pennsylvania. And she’s super intelligent, thanks to her studies in media.

Plus, Sasha was once married to a mega movie star. Now, that’s a fun fact! She’s not just about movies; her life is entirely of exciting bits. Isn’t that cool to learn about?

A Glimpse into the Life of Sasha Czack, Stallone's Ex-Wife

Before Fame

Sasha Czack was once a regular girl from Pennsylvania. She had dreams and a big imagination. Before she became famous, she was studying hard. She went to St. John Senior High School first. There, she learned a lot and made friends.

Sasha was always creative and loved stories. After high school, she aimed for bigger things. She went to the University of Notre Dame du Lac. There, she studied media studies. She was really into learning how to make films.

Sasha loved taking pictures, too. Photography became one of her passions. All this time, she was preparing for something big. She didn’t know it yet, but her world was about to change.

Sasha was getting ready to step into the spotlight. Her journey from a student to a star was about to begin. This was her life before she became known to the world. She was just like us, dreaming big.

Sasha Czack Career

Sasha Czack is really talented in many ways. She takes amazing photos as a photographer. Plus, she can direct films, which is super cool. Sasha also loves to write and act. She was in a show called Love of Life. She started her career after finishing school.

Sasha worked hard and became known for her creativity. Her work in movies and TV shows is incredible. Sasha shows that following your dreams pays off. She turned her passions into a successful career. Isn’t that inspiring?

A Glimpse into the Life of Sasha Czack, Stallone's Ex-Wife

Relationship Status

Sasha Czack’s love life has been quite a journey. First, she found love with Sylvester Stallone. They got married on December 28, 1974. Sylvester is a big deal in the movie world. He acts and directs! They were like stars in the sky, shining bright together. But, like some stories, theirs ended, too.

Later on, Sasha married Rick Ash in 1997. However, this chapter didn’t last long, as they divorced after a while. Through all this, Sasha has shown that she’s strong. Even when things got tough, she kept moving forward.

Love stories can be happy and sad. Sasha’s journey teaches us that. And who knows? Maybe there’s more to her story still to come. Love is full of surprises, after all.

Sasha Czack’s Net Worth

Net worth$20-25million

Guess what? Sasha Czack is like a treasure chest. She’s got a net worth of about $20-25 million! Wow, that’s a lot of money. She made this treasure by being super talented. Like, she’s excellent at taking pictures and making movies. Also, being an actress helped her fill up her chest with gold.

Plus, writing stories added more sparkle to her wealth. It’s like every time she clicked a camera, directed a film, or acted, coins clinked into her treasure. But remember, it’s not just about money. Sasha shows us that following your dreams can lead to an immense treasure. And that treasure isn’t just coins and bills.

It’s also about being happy with what you do. So, Sasha’s net worth isn’t just about the money. It’s about the rich journey she had, filled with creativity and passion. Isn’t that a fantastic way to build your treasure?

Sasha Czack’s Favorite Things

  • Photography

Sasha loves snapping pictures. It’s like magic to her. 

  • Directing Films

She finds joy in telling stories through movies. 

  • Writing

Crafting stories on paper sparks her imagination. 

  • Acting

Becoming different characters is super fun for Sasha. 

  • Love of Learning

The school was excellent because it made her dream big. 

  • Exploring

Sasha enjoys discovering new places and adventures. 

  • Family Time

Moments with loved ones are precious to her. 

  • Creativity 

She thrives on being creative in all she does.

Fun Facts About Sasha Czack

  • Did you know Sasha has some pretty cool hobbies? Besides all the fantastic things she does, she loves to explore new places.
  • It’s like going on treasure hunts for her.
  • She also enjoys spending time with her family, which she thinks is super special.
  • And guess what? Sasha is a big fan of learning new things.
  • The school was just the start for her.
  • Every day, she finds something new to learn about, which keeps her super excited.
  • Plus, her creativity doesn’t stop at photography and films; she uses it in everything she does, making life a big, fun project.
  • Sasha’s life is full of surprises and cool stuff, making her story really interesting to follow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How tall is Sasha Czack? 

Sasha is tiny but mighty, at 4 feet 9 inches.

Who was Sasha married to? 

First, she was Sylvester Stallone’s wife. Then, Rick Ash.

Did Sasha Czack go to college? 

Yep, she studied media studies at the University of Notre Dame du Lac.

What does Sasha love doing? 

She adores taking pictures, directing films, and exploring new places.

Is Sasha Czack rich? 

She’s got a net worth of about $4 million! That’s a lot!

Overall View

Sasha Czack life is like a big, exciting book. Every chapter tells a different story. From her days in school to becoming famous, she’s done so much. She loves taking pictures and making movies. In addition, she has been in front of the camera too.

Sasha has also loved and lost. But she always keeps moving forward. Her story teaches us to chase our dreams. And to not be scared of change. Sasha shows that being creative can lead to amazing things. Also, her life reminds us that love stories have ups and downs.

But every experience is valuable. Sasha’s journey is full of lessons and adventures. It’s inspiring to see how she’s lived her life. She proves that you can do anything if you try. So, let’s learn from her and dream big.

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